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A New way to look at text!

Creating Word Clouds of great Speeches---- ----

The Gettysberg Address

I have a Dream Speech

Podcasting using Audacity, Garageband and Photoboth

Readers Theater
  1. Podcast Examples
  2. Create a podcast--Photoboth/ example of background shot while adding a podcast or Online version of comic life to create historical context with comic. Participants must use an resource or Historical Readers Theater, American to produce a 30 second introduction to a unit of study that they would teach during the 4th quarter.
  3. Share examples of podcast, comic or imovie productions


CommonCraft video

4th Grade Example

Maclab Server at ESU3

K-12 school material reaches iTunes U

Previously reserved just for college and university material, iTunes U is now opening its doors to content suitable for students between kindergarten and grade 12 as well as their parents and teachers.

Like the post-secondary material, the iTunes material for K-12 includes audio and video podcasts as well as text that gives students additional course material and adults more information about school programs.

iTunesU and NDE

How to subscribe to Podcasts in itunes

how to Make a podcast for itunes

Podcasting with Audacity

Podcasting with garageband

Westside Middle School podcasting Guide

Tony Vincent Radio Williow web Podcasting guide

Tony Vincents Site with TONS of info

Pod-o-matic is a platform for creating, finding, sharing and publishing podcast audio files.

To download Audacity go to

One other option for creating podcasts
Video Podcasts using Photobooth (Mac Only)

21st Century Printing Press
Print Tiny books for study guides, storyboards, student projects, etc.

Thomas Paine's Common Sense

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