Listening and Speaking

Audacity & Free Play Music Activity - (Creativity and Innovation and ICT Literacy)

Famous Poems

OUTCOME: Demonstrate originality and inventiveness in work, use technology as a tool to communicate information.
EXAMPLE: Record a dramatic reading of a meaningful poem or passage using appropriate inflection and expression. The literary selection must reflect the theme (selected from assigned options or pre-approved). The meaning of the literary selection is enhanced with appropriate music. The student also records a commentary discussing his/her intentions of the literary selection and its relevance to the theme, as well as the student’s rationale for the creative decisions.
  • Provide a cited copy of the literary passage and a draft of the student’s commentary of relevance to theme on Google Docs for peer review
  • Create Audio file of reading using Audacity
  • Add music from
  • Publish the final presentation on class Wikispaces


Time Somebody Told Me

A Bear in There

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