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MATH Follow-Up Session: April 1, 2011

Presenters: Debbie Schraeder & Pam Krambeck

Session Description: Focusing on the content area of math, participants will connect with the K-12 scope and sequence literacy map for mathematics from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills with current math standards. A link to the draft of the NDE math standards document is located at this link: and activities for integrating 21st Century Skills into the math curriculum will be shared. This session bit_strip-math.jpgis a follow-up to the 21st Century Skills Fair held on January 21st, although any educator is welcome to attend.

Links to Activities & Schedule for the Day:
OverviewAn Overview of 21st Century Skills Related to Math
Activity Block #1"Real World" Problems, Smart Searching Strategies & Collaborative Data
Activity Block #2Creating Math Comics and Math Concept Flash Cards for i-Pods
Activity Block #3Critical Thinking & Problem Solving with Division of Fractions & SmartBoards

Activity Block #4
Writing in the Math Curricular Area with "If the World Were a Village."

Closure ActivityLinks & Activities and Favorites Shared by Participants

Activities will include an overview of the 21st Century Skills, connecting 21st Century literacy maps to current math standards, and activities that utilize on-line math and collaboration tools. Participants will work through four math activities that address the 21st Century Skills of:

  • Information and Media Literacy
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking
  • Problem Identification, Formulation & Solution
  • Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity
  • Collaboration

ICT Literacy Cover & Map: ictmap_math.pdf | ictcover_math.pdf |


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