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21st Century ~ Math ~ Creating Math Comics & Math Concept Flash Cards for i-Pods

Creating Comics to Communicate Math Concepts, Definitions & Ideas

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* Background Information: Use a comic creator for students to communicate math understandings using a comic strip format. We will use a web 2.0 tool called "Bit Strips" but teachers could go "low tech" and use paper and pencil.
EXAMPLE: Students show their understanding of acute angles by creating a comic strip using Bit Strips:
  • Definition of an acute angle: The measure of an angle with a measure between 0° and 90° or with less than 90° radian.
  • Activity Task: Create a Comic Strip to explain a math process, definition, formula or other math fact of your choice.

Using PowerPoint to Create Math Flash Cards for the i-Pod

  1. Use PowerPoint to create flash cards (a question slide followed by an answer slide)
  2. Create a series of slides in this order (question slide, answer slide, question slide, answer slide)
  3. Once you have finished the slides FILE-->SAVE AS PICTURES
  4. The slides will be saved as individual pictures in a folder
  5. Create and ALBUM in i-PHOTO and drag the slides into that album (check the order)
  6. Synch with a i-pod that has a visual display
  7. Voila--21st Century Flashcards (some students still need this)

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  • Where might this activity fit in the ICT Literacy Map for Math?

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