Critical Thinking & Systems Thinking Problem Solving


Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

1. Brainstorming Activity- with primary documents and gallery walk
National Archives analysis worksheets
  1. Written Documents Worksheet Written Document
  2. Artifact Worksheet Artifact
  3. Cartoon Worksheet Cartoon
  4. Map Worksheet Map
  5. Motion Picture Worksheet Motion Picture
  6. Photograph Worksheet Photograph>
  7. Photograph Worksheet Poster
  8. Sound Recording Worksheet Sound Recording

Archive of all Worksheets

3. Explore and Thinkfinitity
4. NROC-- Interactive Examples:

Exploration time

Digital Museums, Libraries, and Media Archives on the Web.

Online Primary Source resources.
Our Documents -

100 Milestone Documents
Womens History Month - Library of Congress
The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
Harry Truman Presidential Library and Museum
California Digital Library
The New York Public Library
Digital Library for Earth System Education
American Memory (Library of Congress)
The Thomas Jefferson Papers
Digital South Asia Library
International Journal of Early Journals
The Library of Virginia
Cornell Digital Library
Making of America
Columbia University’s Digital Library
Boston College Art Collection
Denver Public Library – Photos of the West
Smithsonian Institution
National Archives and Records Administration
Presidential Libraries Online
Library of Congress
British Library
Picts 4 learning
Omaha Public library
Durham Western heritage Museum
Ohio Historical Society
California Online Digital Archive

Sources of Copyright-Friendly Media

These are greate places to look for images, music and sounds for your WebQuests, Powerpoint presentations and video productions. Most require only that attribution be given to the originator. Check each site for conditions of use.






Other Sites of Note:
Creative Commons
Creative Commons Search
Yahoo Creative Commons Search

Critical thinking activity/lesson.
Thinkfinityor Illuminations examples--show the searchability for critical thinking areas.

Desktop Applications for Geography

Google Earth
Google Earth Support
Google Earth Geography Lessons

The Flat Classroom Project

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