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21st Century ~ Math ~ "Real World" Problems, Smart Searching Strategies & Collaborative Data

Smart Searching Strategies Using Math Symbols

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* The Addition, Subtraction & Multiplication of Web Searches: Smart Searching Math2-pk.pdf


Using Google Spreadsheet to Record & Chart Data

  • Log into Google Accounts:
  • Handout on Creating a Google Account: Google Account-pk2.pdf
  • Google Spreadsheet Overview: "Video from YouTube" (at right)
  • Google Spreadsheet Charts: "YouTube Video" (below)

Real World Problem:

  • Problem: Considering precipitation and high temperatures over the past five years (2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 & 2004) would it be better to hold an outside party in Omaha on Memorial Day or Labor Day and why?
  • Use Smart Searching Strategies to gather information on precipitation on both holidays.
  • Put the information into the Google Spreadsheet
  • Chart the information
  • Information could be included in a presentation. (demo)

Links & Documents Used:

Other Charting & Graphing Tools On-Line: (elementary focus)graph_header.gif

ICT Literacy Map Reflection

  • Where might this activity fit in the ICT Literacy Map for Math?

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