Science Follow-Up Session: March 1, 2010
Presenters: Sheree Person-Pandil & Pam Krambeck

Session Description: Focusing on the content area of science, participants will connect with the K-12 scope and sequence literacy map for science from the Partnership for 21st Century Skills with current science standards. Ideas and activities for integrating 21st Century Skills into the science curriculum will be shared. This session is a follow-up to the 21st Century Skills Fair held on January 21, 2010 although any educator is welcome to attend.

Links to Activities & Schedule for the Day:
Overview sciicon5.jpg Overview of 21st Century Skills as they relate to the curricular area of science.
Focus: 21st Century Students in Science.
Activity Block #1sciicon1.jpgSmart searching strategies and teaching students to be educated consumers of information.
Focus: Media and Information Literacy

Activity Block #2 sciicon2.jpg21st Century Skills in action using Mentos and soda to teach chemical reactions.
Focus: Content knowledge, ???
Activity Block #3sciicon3.jpgUsing the Bit Strips web site for cartoon creation, creativity and innovation will be the focus when illustrating a science concept or vocabulary term using an on-line comic creator. Using PowerPoint and i-Pods to create science flash cards will also be demonstrated.
Focus: Creativity and Innovation

Activity Block #4 sciicon1.jpgTechnical writing in science will be the focus of this activity block. Participants will create a structure using Magnetix and write instructions for another group to use in constructing the object using only the written instructions.
Focus: Communication, Creativity & Collaboration

Closure Activity sciicon5.jpgParticipants will share ideas, and discuss where the completed activities for the day "fit" in the ICT Literacy map for science. Time for reflection on "What I learned, what I will take away, and what is the next step" will be given in the form of a "pinwheel" activity.

Activities will include an overview of the 21st Century Skills, connecting 21st Century literacy maps to current science standards, and activities that utilize on-line science and collaboration tools. Participants will work through four science activities that address the 21st Century Skills of:
  • Information and Media Literacy
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking and Systems Thinking
  • Problem Identification, Formulation & Solution
  • Creativity and Intellectual Curiosity
  • Collaboration

ICT Literacy Cover & Map: ictmap_science.pdf


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